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Ecu types: the role of control units in the vehicle

Nowadays almost all vehicle functions are related to electronic control units. ECUs are linked with each other via a bus system (CAN-Bus). Various inputs are converted via sensors into electrical output signals which allow the control unit to regulate different functions.

The large number of ECUs in a vehicle depends on the model and configuration level. Whereas in the past only 1-2 electronic control units, e.g. ignition control, were available, today there are 50 or more different control units which have to regulate their partial functions and communicate with each other.

ECU types

Engine control and transmission control management, electronic control of braking systems (ABS, ESP, ASR), central electronics and body control modules, instrument cluster and airbags, control of special functions for diesel pump, roof control and cruise control units, air control units, electronic door and window control, central locking, seat control devices, electronic steering, light or xenon control modules, navigation systems, other driver assistance systems and more.

Large manufacturers such as Bosch, Siemens, VDO, Mitsubishi Electric and Denso produce almost all controller types, while others have focused controllers for certain functions.

Some typical devices:

Engine ECU Jetronic ( Bosch ) for Volvo, BMW
Engine ECU Jetronic (Bosch) for Volvo, Saab, BMW

Transmission control unit Automatic Mechatronic DSG DQ250 ( Temic )
Transmission ECU DSG DQ250 for Audi, VW

ABS module MK 60 ( ATE ) for BMW, Opel,VW other vehicle makes
ABS control unit MK 60 ( ATE )

Central electronic module (CEM) Hyundai
Central electronic module (CEM) Hyundai

Instrument panel for Ford Focus and C-Max ( Visteon )
Visteon dashboard for Ford Focus and C-Max

Diesel pump control unit VP44 PSG5 ( Bosch ) for Audi A4 and A6 and many other makes and models
Bosch control unit for diesel pump VP44 PSG5

Roof controller for Opel Astra G Cabriolet (Power Packer)
Convertible top control unit for Opel Astra G

Cruise control unit for Mercedes ( VDO )
VDO cruise control unit for Mercedes models

Air condition control unit for Renault Laguna
Air condition control unit for Renault Laguna

Control unit for seat heating Volvo 900, S90, V90
Control unit for seat heating Volvo 900, S90, V90

Electronic power steering for Fiat Punto
Electronic power steering Fiat Punto

Navigation system for Citroen C5 von VDO
Navigation system for Citroen C5

Radio panel for Seat Cordoba
Radio panel for Seat Cordoba

Ignition control module HKZ ( Bosch ) Porsche 911
Ignition control unit HKZ ( Bosch ) forr Porsche 911


last update: 28.9.2023