EPS-Elektronik control unit service

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Telephon hours:
Mo - Th 10 am - 14 pm

Our Service:

- qualified consultancy for problems with your control unit, based on our practical experience with fault diagnosis and repair.

- check of your control unit - a quick way to know if the unit is defective and whether it can be repaired.

- repair or exchange as an economic and quick alternative to a new unit.

  • Exchange Units

For many of the susceptible control units we have fully reconditioned exchange units on stock for immediate dispatch.

  • Repairs

Should the required unit not be on stock in most cases we can offer a repair of your defective unit. Often it is possible to decide on the feasibility of a repair based on the description of the fault by telephone.

Normally, we repair your unit and return it to you within one or two days after reception. Only if we need to order a spare part it may take a few more days.

  • Checking of your device

Before a repair your control unit will be thoroughly checked. Based on the results we will discuss with you the next steps.

If there is no fault in your device it will be necessary to find the cause for the problems in other parts of your vehicle. You will only pay for the device check.

If we find a fault that can be repaired, we will give you a cost estimate and you can decide if you wish a repair.

If a repair is not possible, e.g. damage from water or fire, in most cases we can offer you either a fully reconditioned or a new unit.

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last update: 20.4.2024