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ABS control units

We can offer testing and repair for ABS control units of many manufacturers and automotive brands. Many ABS control units are available in stock as replacement equipment or new equipment.

Top seller:

Hyundai 6264857
Hyundai 6264857

We have compiled a list of symptoms that often occur with a faulty ABS control unit.

If your car brand ist not listed below please contact us. For logistical reasons the list of exchange units may be not updated daily. We can surely help you in a personal interview or based on your email request.

Please, call 0049 5325 5287840 - or use the request form.

General Information

The ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) helps to prevent a possible locking of the wheels during braking by electronically controlled regulation of the brake pressure and thereby increases the maneuverability and driving safety.

It consists of

  • the wheel speed sensors that detect the speed of the individual wheels
  • the ABS control unit, which receives, evaluates and passes signals
  • the hydraulic block, which is controlled by the control unit via magnetic valves
  • the modulator pump motor
  • the wheel brakes, in which a clamping force is generated by the hydraulic brake pressure by which the brake pads are pressed against the brake disk or the brake drum.

In combination with an ESP (Electronic Stability Program) there are some additional sensors, eg :

  • the steering angle sensor
  • the lateral acceleration sensor

The anti-slip regulation (ASR) in combination with the ABS-/ESP-system prevents the drive wheels from spinning when accelerating and helps to keep the vehicle in a straight track.

ASR - also known as traction control - has also many typical manufacturer names, eg ASC, TCS, TSC, TRACS, PSM, TRC.

Well-known manufacturers of ABS control units are Bosch, ATE Teves, Kelsey Hayes, TRW, Denso, Mitsubishi Electronics. Series of devices of these manufacturers with frequent defects can be found here.

ABS control units for various car brands

ABS control units


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