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Defective ABS control unit : symptoms

Error symptoms on the vehicle that can often occur with a defect in the ABS control unit :

  • ABS / ESP light is on
  • ABS / ESP light does not turn off
  • error display on info screen
  • ABS failure, sporadically or permanently
  • ESP failure, sporadically or permanently
  • Oil indicator lights on at ABS fault
  • no communication with the ABS control unit
  • Odometer fails, no speed display
  • Instrument cluster beeps
  • various warning lights are on
  • Pump motor makes noise, buzzes or squeaks
  • Pump motor is defective
  • Automatic transmission in limp home operating mode

Aside from the visual and acoustic warning signals a defective ABS or ESP system can be detected in exceptional situations when the wheels lock at full braking, or on handling in bends.

To the mid-90s ABS control units were usually placed inside the vehicle interior, which had a positive impact on their life. Today, they are usually located in the engine compartment near the hydraulic system and exposed to the prevailing temperature fluctuations and vibrations with their effect on the electronic components.

For all abs control devices listed on our website, we provide inspection and repair or overhaul, sometimes we also have replacement equipment or new equipment in stock.

If you are unsure whether a check or repair of your device is possible for a particular error, please send us your contact details and

  • the control unit number (Note: it is usually located on the control unit, or on the hydraulic block or the pump motor)
  • your data from the vehicle license (make and model, year of construction, performance, possibly HSN / TSN, with a detailed error description and possibly the detected error codes.

Online using our inquiry form, by e-mail or fax, or call us at: Tel +49-5325-5287840 - we will gladly advise you.


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