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Instrument panels

We offer test and repair of instrument clusters for nearly all makes and models.

Top seller:

VW 110.080-206-072
VW 110.080-206-072

We have compiled a list of symptoms that often occur with a faulty instrument cluster.

For logistical reasons the list of exchange units may be not updated daily.

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General Information

The instrument cluster of a vehicle is an electronic control unit, which usually consists of

  • speedometer
  • odometer
  • rev counter
  • petrol meter
  • coolant temparature gauge
  • turn indicator
  • warning lights (engine, ABS, ...)

It is often referred to as a cockpit or instrument panel.

Depending on the instrumentation level of the vehicle model additional features are included, such as outside temperature display / ice warning, oil level indicator, integration into the immobilizer, distance warning and other information of an onboard computer as average fuel consumption and instantaneous fuel consumption, tire pressure, battery check, average speed and instantaneous speed, remaining range at instantaneous filling of the tank and warning when the filling of the tank drops below a minimum amount.

The instrument cluster is connected via the CAN bus of the vehicle with other control devices and can display their information (eg engine management, ABS, ESP).

The display is via pointer instruments, LC displays or control lights, acoustic signals are used as well (warning beeps, turn signals).

Known manufacturers of instrument clusters are Bosch, VDO, Jaeger, Lucas and Delphi. Series of devices of these manufacturers with frequent defects can be found here.

Instrument panels for various automobile brands

instrument panels


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