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Instrument panel : repair and general overhaul

Disorders of the instrument cluster may be caused by defects on all involved components, wires and contacts. For a first orientation, we have compiled a list of common symptoms associated with a defective instrument cluster. If your instrument cluster has diagnostic capabilities, please let a service station read the diagnostic trouble codes.

In addition to malfunctions due to poor manufacturing problems are caused especially by age-related vulnerabilities by mechanical and thermal effects. Sporadic and temperature-dependent failures can usually be resolved well.

For all instrument panels listed on our website, we provide inspection and repair or overhaul, sometimes we also have replacement equipment in stock. We also repair board computer, multi-information displays (MID), FIS displays, CID displays, TID displays.

If you are unsure whether a check or repair of your device is possible for a particular error, please send us your contact details and

  • the control unit number (Note: it is usually located on the device)
  • your data from the vehicle license (make and model, year of construction, performance, possibly HSN / TSN, with a detailed error description and possibly the detected error codes.

Online using our inquiry form, by e-mail or fax, or call us at: Tel +49-5325-5287840 - we will gladly advise you.

If we offer a complete overhaul for your device, you can send us the device directly. Send a written repair order together with the control unit, the error description, possibly read trouble codes and a copy of the registration certificate to EPS electronics.

For the repair order you can use our online order form. Please enclose a copy of the confirmation e-mail in the package after order process.

Or print and fill out our order form (PDF) and put it into the package.

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