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Defective instrument cluster : symptoms

Error symptoms on the vehicle that can often occur with a defect in the instrument panel :

  • the vehicle will not start (immobilizer is not activated)
  • the vehicle goes out while driving
  • the displays of the vehicle fail sporadically.
  • analog indicator / pointer of the vehicle are incorrect, complete or intermittent failure
  • warning lights in the instrument cluster light up sporadically
  • several or all lights blink
  • indicator lights glow or light up now and then
  • Total failure of the instrument cluster, sporadically or permanently
  • no communication with the instrument cluster
  • Warning buzzer turns out (belt, door, tank)
  • no warning when the tank is empty
  • indicators no longer audible
  • seatbelt warning disabled
  • when the key is inserted, no warning signal will sound when opening the door
  • turn indicator in the instrument cluster is defective, no function of warning light
  • malfunction of speedometer or tachometer
  • speedometer needle is stuck
  • odometer display jumps in large increments
  • trip odometer does not continue
  • the instrument cluster lighting partly fails
  • lighting fails completely, speedometer almost completely dark
  • hazard warning lights light up sporadically

For all instrument clusters listed on our website, we provide inspection and repair or overhaul, sometimes we also have replacement equipment in stock.

If you are unsure whether a check or repair of your device is possible for a particular error, please send us your contact details and

  • the control unit number (Note: it is usually located on the control unit)
  • your data from the vehicle license (make and model, year of construction, performance, possibly HSN / TSN, with a detailed error description and possibly the detected trouble codes.

Online using our inquiry form, by e-mail or fax, or call us at: Tel +49-5325-5287840 - we will gladly advise you.


last update: 8.6.2023