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Car ecu testing and diagnostics

If a malfunction of your vehicle results from a seemingly defective control unit, a check of the electronics by an expert can be very useful. Often it can be determined very quickly whether actually there is a defect in the control unit and whether it can be repaired inexpensively, or if the defect has to be searched for elsewhere at the vehicle.

The process for testing your control unit at EPS Elektronik includes the following steps.

After receiving the control unit it is visually checked for any damage in transit before the case is opened and the state of the electronic parts is inspected for visible damages.

Based on your description of the faults and error codes the control unit will be tested with different measuring and testing devices to exactly identify the error and decide on repair solutions.

We will immediately inform you about the testing results. If a repair is possible and economically feasible, we will give you a costing for the repair and ask for approval.

It is possible that the control unit is not defective or a potential error cannot be detected which indicates that the fault may be elsewhere in the vehicle. In this case we will properly seal the control unit, send it back to you and charge just a fixed rate, which is below our cost. If we have a suitable tested control unit on stock we will offer you this unit for further testing and error tracking in your vehicle. You can purchase this unit in exchange for your unit – let’s talk about it.

We would like to point out that in every vehicle the multitude of linked-up control units and other devices forms a complex network to which multiple possible errors are added depending on the individual features of the vehicle. Therefore, on the test bench it is not possible to do a 100% test of all factors influencing the operability of a control unit without the peripheral equipment of the vehicle. It is economically not possible to have suitable test benches available for the huge number of device models and possible faults. Instead, it is often a combination of years of experience with the symptoms of the vehicle faults, complex error patterns and their electronic causes together with the right choice of measuring methods, which leads to successful diagnostics and repair.


last update: 5.12.2023