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Mercedes transmission control units

We offer test and repair for most Mercedes ecu.

New in our catalog:

Mercedes 5WP21101
Mercedes 5WP21101

For logistical reasons the list of exchange units may be not updated daily.

Your device is not listed below?

Please, phone us - 0049 5325 5287840 - or use the request form.

Name of deviceModel seriesEngine displacement (l)Power (kW)Year of Manufacture
ecu 00107205B2 00107205B2 B-Klasse
ecu 0132900001 0132900001 A-Klasse B-Klasse
ecu 5WK33049 5WK33049 A170
ecu 5WP21101 5WP21101
ecu A0014465809 A0014465809 LKW
ecu A0034462410 A0034462410 A150, A160, A170, A180, A200, B170, B180, B200
ecu A0245454932 A0245454932 A170
ecu A1682900304 A1682900304 A-Klasse B-Klasse
ecu A1685451632,5WP21902 A1685451632,5WP21902
ecu A1695451032 A1695451032 B-Klasse

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last update: 3.4.2020