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Some hints for proper packing of your control device

Even a minimal damage of a control unit can make it unusable and irrepairable. Therefore, we want to give you some advice to make sure your control device arrives safely in our company.

Generally, it is recommended to use a robust box which is large enough. There should be enough space on all sides for sufficient packing materials (e.g. newspaper, fabric, expanded materials like polystyrene cellular plastics).

The control unit should be wrapped with sufficient paper, air bubble plastics or fabric.

  • ABS control units

Especially for abs control units, it is important to fix the coils, as they may easily be damaged during transport.

We recommend to put a piece of cellular plastics on top of the coils and fix it with an adequate piece of cardbox and adhesive tape, as shown on the foto.

Hydraulic manifold:

Please do not send us the hydraulic manifold unless you consulted our personnel and we recommended to send the manifold block. The manifold block is rarely the reason for malfunction of the control unit but can destroy it during transport because of its heavy weight.

Furthermore, the hydraulic manifold could be polluted which might cause malfunction as well. Eventually, the brake fluid might leak from the manifold and corrode the control unit.

In most cases it is not necessary to remove the hydraulic manifold in order to take the control unit off the vehicle.

If you send us the hydraulic manifold nevertheless, please wrap it carefully into fabric to prevent leakage of brake fluid.

If you send us the manifold block we will charge you an additional amount of at least 10,00 € for removal and mounting (unless we recommended it).

Please do not forget to put your address, telephone number and description of malfunction inside the parcel. You can easily use our order form (pdf) for this purpose.

ABS control unit

protect coils with cellular plastics

fix with cardbox and adhesive tape

wrap with air bubble plastics

wrap with air bubble plastics


last update: 1.4.2020