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0265223001 - BMW ABS control units

E39, E38, 5er, 7er, 5D, 525tds, 520i, 523i, 528i, 530tds, 525tds T, 520i T, 523i T, 528i T, 530tds T, 725tds, 728i and further models

produced by Bosch ; 5.7 ABS

Steuergerät 0265223001


Identical to unit 0265900001.
This number will be used
for your online order.


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Prices (€)

(19% VAT included, shipping costs not included)

Exchange Repair Check New New *
379.00 349.00
59.50 999.00 949.00

Engine displacement (l):2.0 - 4.4
Power (kW):100 - 210
Year of manufacture:98 - 03
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* We offer a reduced price for a new control unit, if you send us your repairable unopen device of the same type (no damages by water or fire, no attempted repair). After a successful check we remit you 50 € which is the difference to the charged regular price for the new device. Please, put your bank connection and a description of malfunction into the parcel, when you send us your old device.

Programming is required.

For programming of devices we need this information: limousine or estate car, year of manufacture, automatic transmission or manual transmission, type, valves.

Without this information we will deliver devices uncoded.

Additional charge for programming of exchange device : 30.00 EUR.

Programming of new devices is free of charge, when you give us the data above.

Faults and symptoms: Typical errors: defective indicated sensors, sporadic or permanent as well as the evaluation and drive of the wheel sensors.

There are statutory warranty rights for all goods and services offered on our website.

Delivery time of goods: 1 - 4 days.

Delivery time for the provision of services: 2 - 5 days.

Standard delivery takes place as insured package with DPD. Express delivery available on request.

Payment and accepted methods of payment: The purchase price for new equipment or replacement equipment is to be paid after the contract immediately, the price of inspection or repair after service. Payments are, unless otherwise agreed and stated on the invoice due date of the invoice immediately net without deduction. Payments can be made in advance (bank transfer or Paypal), by cash or COD.


Please send us your ABS control unit without the hydraulic block.

The weight of the hydraulic block often causes transport damages, for which we are not liable. If you send us the hydraulic block, we will bill an additional charge of minimum 20 € for increased amount of work.

Hydraulic blocks have to be sealed for transport to avoid contamination. Hydraulic blocks which have not been sealed adequately should not be reinstalled into the vehicle.


The number on the device may be written like:

0 265 223 001, 0-265-223-001, 0265-223-001





last update: 18.4.2024