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30743219AA-B1.2 - Volvo engine control units

S40, V40 and further models

produced by Siemens ; SIM 280

Steuergerät 30743219AA-B1.2


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Year of manufacture:02 - 07
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Faults and symptoms: e.g. no ignition or EAC fail within the display, P2138, P2122 acceleratorpedal position sensor (APP-sensor), P2123, P2127, P2119 throttle valve housing.

In case of EAC fail: Occasionally the vehicle shows low performance. After re-starting the vehicle the error is eliminated. This error occurs increasingly until it won't disapear anymore. If it is concluded (with the help of the technical service information 76/2003) that the PCM has to be changed we can offer a reparation. In advance you should make sure there are no other sources of defects on the vehice (lines, interruptors, throttle valve). .

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