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Car ECU Diagnostics

A modern vehicle is composed of numerous electronic components. In case of malfunctions and failures there may be many causes.

Starting point of troubleshooting is an exact description of the symptoms of the vehicle. When and under what circumstances do the malfunctions occur, sporadically or permanently, is the error dependent on temperature, etc.

Further information is obtained by reading the fault memory in the vehicle with a suitable diagnostic equipment. The On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) provides general or manufacturer-specific trouble codes (DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code).

Vehicles of newer approval date are capable of OBD-2/EOBD. The number ranges are defined by standards (SAE J2012 or ISO 15031-6). OBD-2 was launched in the U.S. in 1996, in Europe (EOBD) gradually for different vehicle types from 2000.

If an error code is recorded, it must be checked whether the cause is a defective component, a faulty wiring or a mechanical problem. After a visual inspection for easily detectable damage, corrosion or contamination of the parts, cables and contacts further measurements can be performed with a multimeter or oscilloscope. For an exact fault diagnosis also vehicle-specific wiring diagrams and technical descriptions are consulted.

If the error code or other findings indicate a defective control unit, EPS can test the ECU. Most electronic problems can be cost-effectively repaired or overhauled. With great price advantage over the purchase of an expensive controller, partly even extended life-time by using high quality electronic components.

Test unit

Not always a controller is defective if the error code has been read. In some cases, the error is to be found elsewhere in the vehicle. If we can not locate any fault in your controller in the lab, in many cases we are able to provide a test device, which is checked for proper function, from our inventory for troubleshooting the vehicle.

After completing the troubleshooting you decide whether you want to purchase the test unit as a replacement unit or return it. You either pay the price for the replacement device, your device remains for further use in our house. Or get your device back and we charge a rental fee for the test device.


last update: 2.10.2023