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Car ecu repair and remanufacturing

We have great experience in the repair and remanufacturing of automotive electronics. We know generations of control units and instrument clusters, frequently occurring electronic defects and their symptoms on the vehicle. Therefore, we can offer many repairs or a general overhaul at a fixed price with warranty.

We develop repair solutions for control units, instrument clusters and other automotive electronics and we have expertise in the procurement of appropriate components. We can successfully repair nearly all faults.

Each repair is preceded by a detailed examination of the controller. The control unit is not always broken when symptoms on the vehicle or error codes point to an electronic origin. If we can detect an error on the control unit during the inspection and if repair is possible, the cost of examination are included in the repair price.

For errors that can not be reproduced in our laboratory, e.g. as they only rarely occur, we offer repair attempts in consultation with our client. If the attempt fails, our customers only have to pay a reduced service fee.

Water, oil and fire damage are often a special challenge and may require increased expenditure of time. The cost of repair needs to be discussed in each individual case after the receiving inspection.

However, there are some control devices which can hardly be repaired because limits are set by the design. For example some kinds of potting compounds which cannot be removed. Or some hybrid devices, in which components are deposited on a ceramic plate and can not be exchanged. For the most common cases we have already developed solutions.

Cost of ecu repair

The cost of material play only a minor role for the cost of an ecu repair. In addition to the pure processing time for opening, closing and repairing the defective electronics a large part of time may be taken for troubleshooting and procurement of components, which are often not commercially available to purchase.

What are the advantages of an ECU repair against the purchase of a new car ECU ?

Buying a car control unit new is usually an expensive affair - new prices between 1,000 € - 2,000 € are not uncommon. The cost of a control unit repair or overhaul are often only a fraction.

For economic reasons, we recommend a repair, in most cases only if the repair cost does not exceed half of the original price.

With classic cars and youngtimers the repair, however, is sometimes the only way to bring the good piece back on track, if there is no suitable new or used controller available. Even the procurement of appropriate components can be a challenge here.

Another advantage of a professional repair is often an enormous extension of the life span of some controller types. This protects not only resources but also your wallet.

We repair the following types of electronic control units:


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